If you wear hair extensions this duo is a MUST HAVE! 


The Hair Extension 5-in-1 Companion with Luxury Storage and Travel Bag allows you to wash, detangle, blow dry, style and travel with your hair extensions securely and with ease.


This is an industrial grade, waterproof and lightweight product with a feminine and elegant exterior.


Our powerful vacuum seal suction cups hold up to 40 lbs. each, they do NOT slip or slide and are extremely easy to use– simply press the suction cup against a clean flat surface and twist the knob until it is fully tight – it’s as simple as that!


Our custom hair extension clip holder is durable with 195,000 psi strength springs that ensure a firm and sturdy hold for you while you care for you extensions.


Its patented design with hanger feature allows for easy storage and travel.


Extend the life of your extensions by protecting them while you aren’t wearing them by simply sliding the Hair Extension Companion into the satin Luxury Storage and Travel Bag and you’re done!


This product has thought of everything and it works!

Hair Extension 5-in-1 Companion WITH Luxury Storage and Travel Bag